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Rosarium Wokrestaurant Westbroekpark


Our Rosarium Wokrestaurant Westbroekpark with large and sunny terrace, lies unique in the park and offers a direct view on the Panoramahof, where all the gold-winning roses flaunt. In this highly representative environment, we offer throughout the year many options to suit your culinary needs.


For lunch or dinner, the Rosarium Wokrestaurant Westbroek Park has a oriental oriented wok buffet, a variety of fresh products such as seafood specialties, meat, poultry and vegetables. Compose your dish to your likings and taste and it will be prepared by one of our chefs right in front of you<./p>

You can enjoy these buffets unlimited:

  • Wok-a-soup-Formule
  • Saladbuffet
  • Japanese sushi
  • Wokbuffet


Rosarium Wokrestaurant Westbroek Park is the ideal accommodation for all festivities to celebrate, such as an anniversary, reception, wedding party or family dinner, for both small and large parties.

For more information look into our menu and take a peek on our photo gallery.

Your host Michael Tsang...


...Welcomes you to Wokrestaurant Westbroek Park. We are open 7 days a week.

Westbroekpark according to the "Gouden Pollepel"

Dish Score
Starter 7
Main dish 8,5
Dessert 7,5
Presentation 7
Service 7
Originality 8
Price/Quality 8,5
Total 53,5